Frequently Asked Questions

Do BalancePro insoles really work?

BalancePro insoles are scientifically designed and tested to help people improve the sensory ability of the feet and improve the detection of changes in balance and posture, and therefore reduce the risk of falls. It was demonstrated in one clinical study that BalancePro insoles can eliminate 44% of naturally-occurring falls in a 12-week period.

Is BalancePro right for me (or for someone I know)?

Our sensation of balance is at peak at the age of 21, and anyone over the age of 30 could potentially benefit from BalancePro. However our product is most useful for those who require a heightened sensation of balance, or those who are over the age of 65.

There are circumstances that a physician should be consulted before using BalancePro. First, for those with diabetes and/or neuropathy of the feet and/or impaired blood circulation in the feet, the use of these insoles could cause further damage. Please discuss with a physician in advance. If the neuropathy is not severe, usually BalancePro insoles can be used. Second, if one has lost sensation in the feet completely, BalancePro insoles may not be effective. Please discuss with a physician before using the product.

I have never had a serious injury from fall. How do I know whether I need BalancePro insoles?

BalancePro insoles are beneficial for anyone over the age of 30, and we recommend BalancePro insoles if you are over the age of 65 or experience balancing issues at times. As age increases, the likelihood of a severe injury resulting from a fall also increases. BalancePro insoles are our research effort to protect you and reduce the risk of preventable falls in the future.

I exercise regularly. Do I still need BalancePro insoles?

We recommend BalancePro insoles if you are over the age of 65 or experience balancing issues at times. We have customers who are very fit and exercise on a regular basis, and still find BalancePro insoles helpful.

Will BalancePro insoles prevent me from falling?

There are many types of falls which are the focus of significant scientific research. Many preventable falls are due to insufficient sensation in the feet, and BalancePro insoles are your balance-enhancing “assistant” to significantly reduce (but not completely prevent) the risk of such falls and related injuries.

Are there other insoles similar to BalancePro insoles?

BalancePro insoles are a unique, scientifically-tested and patented solution to enhance balance and reduce the risk of falls. To the best of our knowledge, we haven’t seen any other insoles or footwear in general with similar features and fall-prevention focused research.

What if I do not like it?

For BalancePro insoles purchased directly from our website, we offer a 90-day free return or size exchange if the BalancePro insoles are unused and untrimmed. We will take care of all the costs associated with additional shipping and handling, hassle-free. For hygienic reasons, we cannot accept return or exchange if the product is used. Furthermore, within 60 days if there is a product defect not as a result of misuse or abuse, we are happy to provide an exchange completely free of charge. Please view our Return and Exchange Policy for more information.

How do I know if BalancePro insoles are working?

BalancePro insoles work by informing your brain, via the raised ridges, when you are off balance. During the first few weeks of wearing BalancePro insoles, when walking or standing, you should feel the raised ridges. It is not necessary to wear tight shoes to further press your feet against the insoles.

Are BalancePro insoles comfortable? How do they (especially the raised ridges) actually feel on feet?

BalancePro insoles aim to enhance feedback to your feet and improve balance with a reasonable level of comfort. However, during the first couple of weeks of wearing BalancePro insoles, some people may experience discomfort due to the raised ridges of the insoles. This is exactly how BalancePro is intended to work and it is the adjustment period for your brain to work with the additional balance information provided by BalancePro insoles. After the initial wear-in period, your brain will be adapted to work with the BalancePro insoles without disrupting you. After a short period, most people do not notice the insoles at all.

Are there any side effects with BalancePro insoles?

Within the first couple of weeks of wearing BalancePro insoles, some people may experience discomfort due to the raised ridges of the insoles. This is normal and the brain will adjust and get used to the insoles. After the initial wear-in period, the discomfort should gradually fade away and BalancePro insoles will remain to be effective. However, if the discomfort continues or is severe, please consult with a physician before continuing using the product.

There is also a small chance that you may experience swelling on your feet. In this case, please stop using BalancePro immediately and consult your physician before further use. If swelling continues, try to loosen your shoes – your shoes may be too tight and might be causing swelling.

Furthermore, if you have diabetes and neuropathy of the feet, please consult with a physician before using BalancePro insoles. Should you experience any issue or have any concern using BalancePro insoles, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why hasn’t my doctor or nurse heard anything about BalancePro insoles?

BalancePro insoles are a new product coming out from years of research in some of the best hospitals and universities, and therefore only a handful of researchers and healthcare professionals who focus on fall prevention have known of the science and benefits of the insoles. If your doctor or nurse have any question regarding the product, they are more than welcome to contact us directly.

How do I know if I get the right size?

We completely understand that choosing footwear insoles with an appropriate size can be challenging, especially when the product is not sitting next to you to be tried on. Fortunately, we have made sizing selection simple with these Insole Templates: simply print them out, find a potential size, trim it and try it on your feet and shoes! You will have 100% confidence in whether the insoles can fit nicely with your feet and specific shoes.

How can I trim the insole to properly fit the actual shape of my shoe?

Trimming is easy. You do not need to trim the insoles into the exact shapes of your shoes – as long as they have the right length and width to stay in place, they will work perfectly. On the BalancePro insoles, there are dotted lines to help you with trimming to an appropriate size. Please refer to the User Guide for more information.

Do I need more than one pair of BalancePro insoles?

You can use one pair of BalancePro insoles and switch it with different shoes, or get multiple pairs so that each pair stays in one pair of shoes for the perfect fit and uncompromised convenience.

What types of socks work best with BalancePro insoles?

Most suitable socks should be made of natural fibres such as cotton, wool or cashmere which will create a good friction between the insoles and the socks.

What types of shoes work best with BalancePro insoles?

BalancePro insoles work with many types and brands of shoes. For BalancePro insoles to be most effective, the ideal shoes should have regular width, minimal cushioning, flexible sole, removable insert (or have room for insoles), adjustable fixation, and no exaggerated outer sole.

Can I wear BalancePro insoles with my slippers?

Yes if your slippers are able to hold BalancePro insoles in place. For example, some slippers have raised edges that can keep the insoles with the slippers at all times. We do not recommend to use BalancePro insoles on slippers where there is a lack of structural support and the insoles can easily slip off.

Can I wear other insoles in addition to BalancePro insoles?

We do not recommend wearing additional insoles.

Can I wear orthotics with BalancePro insoles?

Yes. We recommend that you consult with your foot specialist to ensure perfect fit and effectiveness of both your orthotics and BalancePro insoles.

Are there any activities I should not participate when wearing BalancePro insoles?

BalancePro insoles should not interrupt your normal activities. During running we suggest you to monitor the soles of your feet, and if BalancePro insoles cause pain and redness develops, please consult with your doctor before continuing to use the product.

Are BalancePro insoles useful in any sports, like weightlifting, or golf?

It is possible that BalancePro insoles will help in these activities by enhancing your sensation of balance. However, there is no clinical data supporting this claim, and we are investigating the effects of BalancePro insoles in such uses.

How often do I have to clean or replace BalancePro insoles?

We recommend to clean the insoles on a regular basis using a damn cloth to wipe the surface, and this will keep the insoles clean and fresh. For best results, the insoles should be replaced on a yearly basis.

Are BalancePro insoles available in my area?

We ship to any Canadian province or U.S. state by online order. We are working closely with several distributors to have BalancePro insoles in a store near you as soon as possible. Please let us know if there are any stores or areas you think we should prioritize.

Other than the sizes you have, are there any plan for offering additional variations on the BalancePro insoles, such as thinner or wider versions?

We are actively investigating the need for size variations. If you have special requirements, please feel free to let us know, and we will keep you updated when there is a new size available that may suit your need.

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