Preventing falls, saving lives

It’s estimated that over one third of people over the age of 65 fall at least once per year, and 25% of those falls result in serious injuries such as factures and sprains, and could lead to a loss of mobility, confidence and independence. Even with our advanced health care, 20% of hip fractures patients die within one year, where cause for 95% of hip fractures is fall. Losing sensitivity in the feet is a part of normal aging, but also a major cause of falls that are preventable.

Because balance matters

Your ability to maintain balance plays a critical role in standing, walking and just about any body movements. Through sensory inputs gathered from your feet, you unconsciously auto-adjust your body’s balance. To improve one’s balance you must reduce one’s chance of falling. With our patented technology, BalancePro insoles have been demonstrated to comfortably and consistently improve balance and walking.

Better sensory, less falls

At the age of 21 we reach our neurological peak and after that, our sensory ability declines and after the age of 65 the rate of decline increases sharply. Researchers from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and Toronto Rehabilitation Institute have developed BalancePro insoles with a unique, patented construction featuring a raised ridge to improve the ability of the pressure sensors within our feet to detect changes in balance and posture. It was demonstrated in one clinical study that BalancePro insoles can eliminate 44% of naturally-occurring falls in a 12-week period. BalancePro insoles are our answer to improving sensory ability in your feet.

Lasting effects, comfortable walking

Our clinical studies have shown that BalancePro insoles provided an immediate and long-lasting improvement in balancing ability with no decline over time. After one or two week wearing the insoles, you won’t even notice it – your brain will only be alerted when you are off balance. 85% of subjects in the clinical study indicated that they would continue using BalancePro insoles after the study.

Because living matters

BalancePro insoles provide you with a hassle-free solution in improving your balance during walking, and reducing the risk of falls. Just start to wear your BalancePro insoles – it is that simple.

Over 40% of nursing-home admission is the direct result of a serious fall. We believe in living in the comfort of your own home and let’s make it happen. Because living matters, BalancePro insoles help protect you from preventable falls so that you can spend more time on quality living.

With only $39.95, BalancePro insoles improve your balance instantly.

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