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A study shows a 44% fall reduction. Dr. Stephen Perry, PhD. Chief Executive/Scientific Officer, BalancePro

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Roughly one in three people over the age of 65 falls at least once a year. Such falls often lead to a loss of mobility, confidence and independence. Fall-related injuries such as hip fracture are not only devastating to our lives, but also costing the economy billions of dollars per year. BalancePro insoles are scientifically-tested to reduce the risk of falls and improve balance instantly and continuously.

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Balance Enhancing Insoles

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Better Sensation, less falls

Clinically proven to reduce falls by 44%. Researchers from Sunnybrook HSC, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University of Toronto, and Wilfrid Laurier University have developed BalancePro insoles with a unique, patented construction featuring a raised ridge to improve the ability of the pressure sensors within our feet to detect changes in balance and posture.

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Lasting effects, comfortable walking

Our clinical studies have shown that BalancePro insoles provided an immediate and long-lasting improvement in balancing ability with no decline over time. These studies were funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, National Institute of Health and Medical Research Council of Canada.

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Because living matters

BalancePro insoles provide you with a hassle-free solution in improving your balance during walking, and reducing the risk of falls. Just start to wear your BalancePro insoles – it is that simple.

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BalancePro Insoles
BalancePro Insoles BalancePro Insoles BalancePro Insoles

Clinically tested to improve your balance while walking, thus, reducing your risk of having that dreaded life-changing fall. BalancePro Insoles have the added benefit of improving your balance during that beautiful golf swing you worked so hard for over the years!

To find the best size, please use our Insole Templates. Simply print them out (make sure to choose “actual size” as your printer’s default setting may be “fit” or “shrink”), and follow the simple instructions to find your right size.

You can also access the user guide here: BalancePro User Guide


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