Wellness Tips

Fall Prevention at Home

The bathroom is the place where it is most likely for a slip and/or fall to happen. The combination of water and hard surfaces make the bathroom a fall hazard, especially for seniors.

Most fall accidents are caused by slippery surfaces. Anti-slip or non-rubber bath mats are essential in the tub or shower. It is also important to replace them regularly to preserve their ability to grip the slippery surface. Bath rugs can be used when stepping out of the shower onto a wet floor to avoid falls from the splashing water. Grab handles are also a great idea in the tub or shower to help with balance issues or weak muscles to stay balanced in the shower.

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Balance Exercises

If your goal is to maintain good balance and mobility, it is important to stay active and exercise regularly. Specifically, balance requires strength and flexibility of the lower limb. We have some simple ankle and knee exercises that can done either at home or outside to strengthen balance, mobility and prevent falls. Learn 5 exercises you can do to improve balance here. Cycling is also a great way to enhance lower body muscle strength, especially for people who are aged over 50 years old. Utilizing a pedal exerciser is a simple and effective way to maintain mobility in your arms and legs at home. Foot exercises are also important and you can started with our thera-band roll exercises.

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Daily Activities

Walking is one of the best exercises for seniors. Based on studies, people who walk 10,000 steps have at least a 50% reduction in all causes of mortality verses those who are sedentary. Digital pedometer is a great device that can be used to count your daily steps. Below are some tips for you to increase your daily steps.

Though exercises are important, it is critical to avoid situations that put you at risk of falling. Therefore, utilizing simple devices such as shoe horns can eliminate the need to bend over/down to avoid falls.

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