Do BalancePro insoles really work?

BalancePro insoles are scientifically designed and tested to help people improve the sensory ability of the feet and improve the detection of changes in balance and posture, and therefore reduce the risk of falls. It was demonstrated in one clinical study that BalancePro insoles can eliminate 44% of naturally-occurring falls in a 12-week period.

Is BalancePro right for me (or for someone I know)?

Will BalancePro insoles prevent me from falling?

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What if I do not like it?

How do I know if BalancePro insoles are working?

Are BalancePro insoles comfortable? How do they (especially the raised ridges) actually feel on feet?

Are there any side effects with BalancePro insoles?

Why hasn’t my doctor or nurse heard anything about BalancePro insoles?

How do I know if I get the right size?

What types of shoes work best with BalancePro insoles?

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