About Us

The Company

Focusing on delivering practical and innovative solutions, BalancePro has a simple vision to achieve: a world with no falls that are preventable. We are a Canadian healthcare start-up that strives to achieve fall prevention and balance enhancement issues that are faced by millions through accessible innovation and cutting-edge scientific research.

The company’s signature product, BalancePro insole, was jointly developed by researchers from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University of Toronto and Wilfrid Laurier University, with support from the Canadian Institutes of Health and the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

BalancePro is honoured to work with top business talents, world-leading researchers and scientists on falls prevention, mobility, accessibility and ageing to continually develop products and services to reduce falls around the globe.



Stephen Perry, PhD
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


As one of the inventors of the BalancePro insole, Dr. Stephen Perry’s research focuses on falls in the elderly, neurophysiology and footwear. Stephen is currently a Professor at the Kinesiology and Physical Education Department of Wilfrid Laurier University and a Scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. Dr. Perry has multiple years of experience in studying the control of human movements and the role of external sensory information in this process. Dr. Perry holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Human Kinetics and a Master of Sciences in Biomechanics from University of Guelph and a Doctoral Degree in Biomechanics and Neuroscience from University of Toronto.


Candice Yun, CPA, CMA, MBA
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

With an avid interest in leveraging science and technology to improve senior’s lives, Candice is determined to reduce falls among seniors. Candice has extensive knowledge and experience in finance, strategic analysis and operations in the healthcare and technology industry. She was previously the Commercialization Business Analyst / Project leader at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute - helping scientists and researchers commercialize innovative research technologies, and the Senior Accountant at BresoTec., a fast-growing health technology start-up. Candice is a Chartered Professional Accountant and holds a Master of Business Administration from Queen’s University.